“By placing your E-books on Books For You, you will be putting it in front of a targeted, interested audience.”

Books For You is an initiative and idea created by Gerard O’Donovan, the owner and founder of Noble Manhattan Coaching and the CEO of the IIC (The International Institute of Coaching).

As part of his vision and quest to help coaches to be all that they can be, and to assist them both on the road to mastery within the profession and to build a large sustainable and financially rewarding practice, he wanted to create a site where coaches could easily access information that would be of huge interest and benefit to qualified coaches and student coaches alike.

You are welcome to place an Ebook on the website to be sold, or to give away for free as part of your marketing scheme.

Books For You will post on their social media pages with a link to your ebook, as well as market the website through Noble Medias’ various platforms.

Audience Profile

  • Coaches
  • HR Representatives
  • Managers of SMEs
  • People looking to train as coach
  • People looking to be coached

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